KISS Gene Simmons Cort Axe Bass Guitar stage played and signed


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KISS Gene Simmons Cort Axe Bass Guitar stage played and signed by Gene Simmons

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Own a Gene Simmons stage-played Axe Bass! Here's your chance to own this amazing one of a kind Gene Simmons Cort Axe Bass! This actual bass guitar has been live, stage-played by the god of thunder given to you right from the stage after the Demon himself bleeds, sweats and spits on it! Gene Simmons sums up his iconic Axe Bass as an iconic piece of art, one that can outplay the rest. "I owe the fans everything because they made my life possible," Simmons says. "When I was growing up, I was never able to get a piece of The Beatles. They weren't available, but they were still Mt. Olympus to me. This Axe Bass is just as special for me and the fans," said Simmons. Well, here is an opportunity to own one of the famous Axe Basses. Used on June 3, 2010, during a KISS concert at RAR Festival in Germany, Europe. Not only stage-played but also adding to the allure of the guitar is the stage used blood adhered to several portions of the custom played bass. The amount of fake blood on the guitar is incredible, it really doesn’t get any better than this! This autograph was obtained in person and guaranteed authentic. A Certificate of Authenticity will be included in this auction! The Product is packaged in a manner to ensure a safe arrival!